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Església de la Puríssima Xiqueta

The church called Església de La Puríssima Xiqueta, also known as Catedral de La Marina, is a Neo-Gothic temple located in Benissa. Construction began in 1902, and it was not inaugurated until 1929. With regards to the exterior, the first aspect encountered is a majestic facade with the main entrance door, framed by a lighter stone cornice that highlights other elements such as arrow slits, medallions, and Lombard arch cornices. Above the door, there is a large rose window, and on either side of the transept two additional rose windows can be seen. On each side of the front part, there are two square bell towers with four floors, each equipped with four bells. The nave, with a Latin cross plan, consists of three aisles with four side chapels and a high choir located between the two towers. On each side of the altar, there is a side chapel and the sacristy. The central nave is illuminated by large windows. The great beauty of the large octagonal lantern above the altar is worth mentioning, as it also houses the reliquary containing the image of La Puríssima Xiqueta, a work by Nicolás Borrás, a painter from the school of Joan de Joanes, one of the most important Valencian Renaissance painters. The interior decoration is Neo-Gothic in style, with pointed arches, geometric designs and floral motifs.

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Our heritage

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